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Make Monthly Cash Plan in 7 Steps!

Make Monthly Cash Plan in 7 Steps!


List monthly financial targets, eg, close credit card debts, accumulate 10%, spend on vacation x …

Then write your monthly financial GOALS. Unwritten things fly, you do not know. How do you manage what you do not know?

Enter the bank’s website and check it for at least 15 minutes. Study everything. If you do not want to see the debts, but you do not want to remember the bill payments, YOU MUST. Control is out, POWER is out.

Spend your expenses this month as REQUIREMENTS / NEEDS. Write subheadings under each group. THINKING, SHOULD WHILE doing this.

Write a number next to each spelling on the list. (That is how much money you will pay). TOTAL EXPENDITURE (including credit card), INCOME must not pass.

Review the “REQUEST” spending for this month. REALLY request? Or? Did the “wish” spending in July make you happy? Breathe and think, is not it time to rub desires that do not fit the budget? Requests are infinite, right? Why do you still want it?


Just like a firefly you live today? Or do you think about tomorrow like an ant, do you accumulate it?

Place the list on the paper in your purse. LIVE WITH YOU. Be dynamic, flexible. Do not be afraid of it, push it, do not throw it away. He helped you.

Say “life is short” and do not fool yourself. Consider great goals. (EV, education, getting married, having children, collecting, being helpful …)

This month, you become the master of the money. Do not cuss him, nor ignore him, care as much as you need and MANAGE.

Do you have a simple test so that you can see the relationship between today and your life in your life more clearly?

At the end of this test, you will see how much your life in your dreams will cost you.

During the test, choose the one that best suits you. When you can not make a choice, specify your choice as “other” and specify your own number.

The outcome will reveal how much money you need for life in your dream. So if today’s income can not meet your dream life, you will see how much you need to increase your income to reach it.

This test is designed for you to think and observe the relationship between your dreams and your income. Do not let it cause you to disappoint, if you need to re-eye your dreams or look for ways to increase your income. If you want to save money, fill out the form at the end of the test and get a chance to join the card fitness program for FREE.

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